About the blogger
Hi. I'm Maddy, also known as Mikey. I have no friends and just want to live my life in peace with my wi-fi and all my dead favorite characters. I used to live in the USA but I moved to England about 6 years ago. Trust me when I say it's pretty shit here. In my free time, I play guitar, go on the internet and do my homework. What a great life I live. When I grow up, I will be famous. Just you wait and see.
Shingeki no Kyojin: Favourite character: Marco Bodt. OTP: JeanMarco. Least favorite character: Eren Jaeger (please don't hurt me)
BBC Sherlock: Favorite character: Molly <3 BroTP: Johnlock. Least favorite character: None I love them all.
Roosterteeth: Favorite: Michael, i am the rage quit. BroTP: Mavin. Least favorite: I don't really dislike any of them. They're all sweethearts.